STRONGSCIENCE® was born out of a strong desire to know whether or not a product works as advertised. People have always asked if the things they buy are really delivering on their claims. We didn’t know either – false assertions are everywhere, so how do you distinguish between the effective and the ineffective? Therein lies a problem, and STRONGSCIENCE® has become the solution.
The STRONGSCIENCE® process is backed by a Contract Research Organization that specializes in clinical trials and research for dietary supplements and OTCs. Global Clinicals, Inc.– Founded by Christopher Baker, CEO – has been in the dietary supplement and clinical research space for over 20 years and is the parent company of STRONGSCIENCE®. Our company’s mission is to become the most trusted certification for consumers. Once they can see and feel confident knowing the product is going to get them the results as were advertised.
STRONGSCIENCE® is a seal-of-approval certification mark integrated into a label or product packaging for dietary supplements, sports nutrition, homeopathics, OTC drugs, functional foods, beverages and more, which verifies claims of efficacy and safety based upon white paper research and available clinical trials. These products and programs and their associated research are scientifically reviewed by an independent third party – our team of experts.
STRONGSCIENCE® aims to make it easier for companies producing dietary supplements and other related products to take advantage of their marketing claims of efficacy. Assuring customers that they are buying products that work as the claims say based upon the available current science (including clinical research) builds our customers brand equity. Trust, confidence, and quality assurance are the building blocks of our business.





The Value Proposition

  • First of its kind product certification mark to prioritize efficacy, safety, and science
  • Independent, third-party scientifically reviewed products
  • Increase transparency via instantly accessible product information
  • Increase product credibility and customer confidence
  • Increase brand loyalty and trust
  • Show commitment to science and safety
  • Patented consumer friendly platform
  • Can lower the client’s risk and liability
  • Better regulatory compliance
  • Give more product information to your customers that they demand
  • Increase sales revenue and your bottom line

STRONGSCIENCE is a science-based third-party certification mark enabling customers to instantly access product information without an app. It helps them feel more comfortable about making a good buying decision while adding value to their shopping experience whether in-store or online.

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