Introducing AirTrusted™ certification mark; more trust, transparency, and brand loyalty. Show your staff, customers and visitors that you care about the air they breathe.

What is the AirTrusted™ certification mark?

AirTrusted™ is the premier independent third-party certification designed and developed specifically for the indoor air quality industry. Simply put, it shows the person that enters a building, for example, the virus and bacteria fighting technology, and equipment installed has science behind its capabilities. When a person sees our AirTrusted™ seal-of-approval affixed to the front door of a building or facility, they can simply scan the QR code next to the seal to see the building information and research transparency.

Does your facility have the STRONGSCIENCE AirTrusted™ seal-of-approval? Call today for more information.

AirTrusted™ is the new and technology driven solution to the indoor air quality arena. Researching the science behind active technology that can eliminate 99%+ of viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. AirTrusted™ is giving everyone more information about the indoor air quality (IAQ) via an easy to access online page. Just scan the QR next to the seal with your phone. With our health at the forefront, time has come to give some peace of mind to people regarding the various buildings, facilities and/or vehicles they enter, with strong science behind technology.

AirTrusted™ Certification Mark includes:

  • Certification seal award
  • Project Overview
  • Specs (sq ft)
  • Research Transparency™ (view science)
  • Facility location, image & logo
  • Certification status
  • Unique Registration #
  • How To Use our page info
  • Customer link to your website
  • Seal marketing rights
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