The use of dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals or herbs, has become a routine part of the American lifestyle. Three out of every four American consumers take a dietary supplement on a regular basis. For older Americans, the rate rises to four in five. And one in three children take supplements, either given to them by their parents or, commonly in teens, taking them on their own. Read more.

Grocery shoppers exhibit loyalty to products that create deeper relationships through information exchange, according to a new report from Label Insight and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). The Transparency Imperative report found that shoppers increasingly demand transparency and a closer connection to their food, so much so that 75% are more likely to switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information, beyond what’s provided on the physical label. When shoppers were asked the same question in 2016 in a similar study by Label Insight, just 39% agreed they would switch brands. Read More

A Natural Experiment: Using Immersive Technologies to Study the Impact of “All-Natural” Labeling on Perceived Food Quality, Nutritional Content, and Liking.


The “all-natural” label is used extensively in the United States. At many point-of-purchase locations, employed servers provide food samples and call out specific label information to influence consumers’ purchase decisions. Despite these ubiquitous practices, it is unclear what information is conveyed to consumers by the all-natural label or how it impacts judgments of perceived food quality, nutritional content, and acceptance. We used a novel approach incorporating immersive technology to simulate a virtual in-store sampling scenario where consumers were asked by a server to evaluate identical products with only one being labeled all-natural. Another condition evaluated the impact of the in-store server additionally emphasizing the all-natural status of one sample. Results indicated the all-natural label significantly improved consumer’s perception of product quality and nutritional content, but not liking or willingness to pay, when compared to the regular sample. With the simple emphasis of the all-natural claim by the in-store server, these differences in quality and nutritional content became even more pronounced, and willingness to pay increased significantly by an average of 8%. These results indicate that in a virtual setting consistent with making food purchases, an all-natural front-of-pack label improves consumer perceptions of product quality and nutritional content. In addition, information conveyed to consumers by employed servers has a further, substantial impact on these variables suggesting that consumers are highly susceptible to social influence at the point of purchase. Read More


Although nutrition information informs consumer decisions at the point of sale in offline stores, it is unclear whether such information affects online food sales. Using a field experiment, we examine three issues: (1) the impact of nutrition information in online food shopping; (2) the interaction effects between nutrition information and seller reputation; and (3) the different effects of healthy and unhealthy food sales. Results indicate that nutrition information significantly increases food sales in online conditions and that seller reputation can strengthen the impact of such information. Furthermore, nutrition information creates more sales of healthy (versus unhealthy) food. Using an eye-tracking experiment to measure whether purchasers pay attention to nutrition information, we find that participants who look at nutrition information longer tend to choose foods with nutrition-fact labels. Read More

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September 10, 2019

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Scottsdale, AZ – STRONGSCIENCE® has just approved the Level 2 seal-of-approval efficacy and safety certification for KSM-66, an Ashwagandha extract made by Ixoreal Biomed Inc. Ixoreal Biomed is the industry leader in clinical trials and basic research investigating the effectiveness of ashwagandha.


“We’re extremely excited to have been certified by STRONGSCIENCE® as we believe the industry needs more of this efficacy certification,” Kartikeya Baldwa, CEO of Ixoreal Biomed Inc., said. “It’s a great benefit to this industry to have the transparency.”

The STRONGSCIENCE® is the only patented product specific Efficacy and Safety Certification Mark on the market today. STRONGSCIENCE® certifies proprietary ingredients and blends, and finished products.

STRONGSCIENCE® certification was developed to address consumer concerns that impact buying decisions, whether shopping for products in a retail store or online, delivering a scientifically based certification to confirm whether products are safe and effective.

“It’s great to approve KSM-66 with the STRONGSCIENCE® certification. Already, KSM-66 is the botanical with the highest number of certifications,” Chris Baker, CEO of STRONGSCIENCE®, said. “It speaks to the standard all companies and products could uphold to meet their customers.”

For more information about STRONGSCIENCE® and the certification process, please reach out to Chris Baker at 818-340-8923, email at or visit the STRONGSCIENCE® website at