Certification reflects the educated views and opinions of StrongScience® researchers only, and is supported by a scientific evaluation under the terms and conditions in the Research Agreement.  StrongScience® certifications are based on information, data, and research known or available to StrongScience® at the time of its review, and information disclosed to StrongScience® by interested parties.  Certifications are limited to that universe of information available to StrongScience®.  Certification is limited to the individual ingredients, blends, or combinations of ingredients which are submitted to StrongScience® for evaluation, or the specific ingredients, blends, or combinations of ingredients for which StrongScience deems certification appropriate.  The Certification only applies to those identified articles, unless stated otherwise in the StrongScience® literature. Certification is not a guarantee or warranty that a product is safe or effective for all consumers, in part, because product performance and safety depend on many factors that cannot be predicted or applied to all consumer uses generally, or to all conditions of use.  The StrongScience® Certification does not substitute for medical advice, and is not intended to serve as advice to any consumer regarding proper use or application of consumer products reviewed.  Whenever starting or using a health-related product, users are always encouraged to consult with a qualified healthcare provider.  StrongScience® does not represent, certify, or warrant that any consumer product complies with applicable law, statute, or regulation. StrongScience® is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  Questions concerning the legality of certified products, or the use of certified products, should be directed to competent legal counsel or authorities.  StrongScience® does not endorse or support any particular product use, and reports solely on the scientific support associated with labeling claims. StrongScience® has no financial or property interests in any Product subject to certification, or in companies manufacturing or distributing same.