Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions can be addressed here. If you need additional support please contact your account rep.

Two things we all would like to know about the supplements we buy and consume. Does it work? And is it safe? We can help.

We provide our first-of-its-kind patented certification mark and process for certifying various product health claims of efficacy & safety based upon current scientific research. We are using a product-specific certification mark with QR. In addition, providing consumers with free product information, transparency of science, and no app needed. Please let us know what products you would like to see STRONGSCIENCE CERTIFIED.

How many certifications does STRONGSCIENCE currently offer?

STRONGSCIENCE Scientifically Reviewed (dietary supplements)

STRONGSCIENCE PLUS Efficacy & Safety (dietary supplements, OTC drugs)

HEMP TRUSTED (for hemp-derived products)

What is STRONGSCIENCE Scientifically Reviewed certification?

For all products and dose ranges. Certifies scientifically reviewed ingredients for recommended dose ranges are in alignment with the current ingredient monographs or GRAS details.

What is STRONGSCIENCE PLUS Efficacy & Safety certification?

For products that DO make efficacy claims. It has everything the first seal has, plus the addition of efficacy research for health claims (structure/function).

What is HEMP TRUSTED certification?

Certification only for products containing hemp (hemp-derived CBD). Review of related cannabis/hemp research and available dose range science. It also includes lab tests for hemp THC levels accommodating the 2018 Farm Bill (hemp products or plants).

What is a Product Review?

It is a written scientific report/review of a specific product’s ingredients or proprietary ingredient regarding efficacy and safety. This research report will determine if a product has been approved for certification.

What is the difference between a Limited and Full Product Review?

Limited is for STRONGSCIENCE certifications only. Includes review of safe dose ranges only.

Full is for STRONGSCIENCE PLUS certifications only. This review includes the addition of efficacy claims research (structure/function).

What does the certification QR do?

You can scan the QR next to the certification mark using your cell phone camera. It will bring up the link to our transparent certification information of the product you are scanning. Includes a cross-promotional Buy Now link. Also, the QR is trackable, and QR data analytics can be made available.

What is a Product Page?

A Product Page is our online page set up for each product certification. It can be accessed via the certification QR. No app is needed.

How long does it take to get the certification completed?

The product review takes approximately 2 – 4 weeks to complete. Depends upon the number of ingredients and claims to research. Status updates are made available.

How do I start the certification process?

You will need to go to our online Client Registration. Please fill out and submit all required information accordingly.

For multiple SKUs, do you need to do a separate Product Review?

No. If there is only one product formula, one product review is needed, provided all SKUs fall under the same formula and delivery system.

How much does a Product Review cost?

The cost of the Product Review is based upon the number of active ingredients (not inactive) and a number of composite claims (for STRONGSCIENCE PLUS only). This is a one-time fee. Please fill out our Client Inquiry form and let us know what products you are interested in obtaining our certification, and we will contact you back within 48 hours.

How much does a Certification mark cost?

The certification mark logo affixed to your product packaging carries an annual licensing fee. This low-cost fee is usually billed every two years to accommodate shelf-life expirations. Payments are set up on autopay and can be made through our website via ACH, credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. Please get in touch with us for more pricing information.

Is there a volume discount for certifying an entire product line?

Yes. Please contact your account rep for more information.

How long does the certification last?

It is an annual certification and fee and automatically renews every year or two years, depending upon your certification agreement.

Is a Proprietary Blend considered one active ingredient?

Not usually. A proprietary blend can be made up of multiple active ingredients, and each would be identified and researched accordingly.

Can a single proprietary ingredient be reviewed and certified?

Yes. But the certification does NOT carry over to finished products that contain that certified ingredient. Finished Products containing that proprietary ingredient would need to obtain their specific formula review, certification, and QR.

How is STRONGSCIENCE different from other certification marks?

It is a PRODUCT SPECIFIC CERTIFICATION. First of a kind patented certification mark with QR and unique registration number for efficacy & safety. Includes a review of the Supplement Facts label and GMP production. Also, the most consumer-friendly seal-of-approval gives your products the edge they need to stand out in this crowded industry with peer-reviewed science-backed research.

Can I put the seal on my website or in my marketing campaign?

Yes. We encourage it. Once you have the certification mark (seal), you can use it in your marketing and advertising campaigns, and it is affixed to your product packaging. We are happy to assist you with any additional assistance or logo artwork if needed.

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