Certifies Hemp-Derived and CBD Products are Scientifically Reviewed and Accommodates The 2018 Farm Bill Thresholds.

The premier independent third-party certification designed and developed specifically for the hemp industry, called HempTrusted™. With so many hemp derived (CBD) products on the market today and limited cannabis research studies, HempTrusted™is the solution. The emerging cannabis industry is seeing amazing growth. It needs help to give consumers more quality information in easier terms, backed by actual science, so they can better understand the products. Hence a more pleasurable shopping experience and assistance in making a better buying decision.  A HempTrusted™certified product does all of that and more. Just scan the QR next to the seal and view the product page.

Product page includes:

  • Certification qualification
  • Product Overview
  • COA (per client)
  • Ingredient Label Facts Sheet
  • Research Transparency™ (view science behind the product)
  • Lab results for CBD levels per the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Product image & logo
  • Certification status
  • Unique Registration #
  • How To Use our page info
  • Buy Now link to your online store

HempTrusted™ Certifies Hemp Products are Scientifically Reviewed and Accommodates The Farm Bill Thresholds.

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The certification mark and review process include a science-based product review, seal of approval, unique registration number, QR code, and research transparency.

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