Certifies Hemp-Derived and CBD Products are Scientifically Reviewed and Accommodates The 2018 Farm Bill Thresholds.

STRONGSCIENCE® now provides a first-of-its-kind Hemp Trusted™ certification mark and review process for hemp-derived and CBD products. With almost 1,000 brands to sort through and product categories, our science-based certification and seal-of-approval can go a long way in creating positive relationships with your consumers so they can use products with confidence.

We’re bridging the transparency gap with science-based certification and first of its kind mark.

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The certification mark and review process include a science-based product review, seal of approval, unique registration number, QR code, and research transparency.

Hemp Trusted™ Certification is one that matters and one that will help your products stand out as trustworthy and reliable in an industry limited in scientific research and studies.

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