Hemp Trusted®

Certifies Hemp-Derived and CBD Products are Scientifically Reviewed and Accommodates the 2018 Farm Bill Thresholds.


Our Experience in Research Spans Over 100 Years

Our same science-backed certification but for Hemp and CBD products and plants. Independent scientific research of the hemp product, including cannabinoids, dose range, lab testing the THC level

Consumers want more information and trust when buying hemp/cbd products.  , so give them that confidence, trust and transparency! Helping them make better buying decision and show your product line has achieved the STRONGSCIENCE HEMP TRUSTED seal. Building brand loyalty and get that competitive edge in the ever expanding cannabis industry.


HempTrusted®, View The Certified Product Page via QR Scan.

  • Help consumers to better understand Hemp & CBD products
  • Build Brand Loyalty and Trust
  • Show the science behind the product and see our Research Transparency™
  • Independent lab test results for hemp THC levels per the 2018 Farm Bill (COA available)
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HempTrusted™ Certifies Hemp Products are Scientifically Reviewed and Accommodates The Farm Bill Thresholds. The certification mark and review process include a science-based product review, seal of approval, unique registration number, QR code, and research transparency.


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