Certification Process

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STRONGSCIENCE® Certification Process

Our certification process is simple and easy to follow.

Once you register as a client you are provided access to your secure product registration template to input information about your product’s, ingredients, research, claims, COA, and the seal you are interested in. You will be able to conveniently upload your confidential information. We keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Review & Certification Steps

Step 1

Product Selection

Please choose the product or product line you would like to have certified. Choose either LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, or HEMP TRUSTED™.

Step 2

Discuss Options & Pricing With Account Rep

Our account rep will provide details on pricing and process to complete your product certification review.

Step 3

Set-up Your Profile

Complete registration for each product(s) for review or certification. Submit all items needed. General information includes the following: 

  • Ingredient Information 
  • Packaging & Label Images
  • Previous Research Data

Step 4

Contract & Fees

Review, Sign Contract, and Remit Payment for Review and Licensing Fees (LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, or HEMP TRUSTED™ Certification).

Step 5

Register Product

Your account profile is needed to securely upload and submit information to our research team.

Step 6

Initiation of Review

Allow time to complete the certification review process. We will send notifications on our progress. 

Step 7

Get the word out

Once certified, use your STRONGSCIENCE® Certification Mark on all of your certified product’s packaging and marketing. In addition, receive all of the STRONGSCIENCE® benefits and value. Consumer views are tracked via a designated QR code.

Considering Products For Review