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STRONGSCIENCE® Certification Components

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The Certified STRONGSCIENCE® Seal

STRONGSCIENCE® is a patented third party process and Certification Mark seal of approval integrated into a label or product packaging (and marketing) that identifies claims for efficacy and/or safety of various products (dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, OTC, functional food products, etc.). This process integrates the synergy of our online database and clinical trial research. Our innovative technology is registered and patented by the United States Trademark and Patent Office. Our unique Certification Marks are also registered by the USTPO.

QR Code

When you scan the QR code, you will be linked to our database to view actual product research.

Unique Registration Number

Each product is assigned a unique STRONGSCIENCE® Registration Number, which is linked to our Certified Products Database. You can also just use our new STRONGSCIENCE® App to quickly find product(s) and reviews.

Research Transparency

Research Transparency (scientific research to independently verify the health claims of others regarding consumer products). Our Research Transparency is specific to the actual scientific research of the papers and monographs used to verify claims and dose ranges. You can find our Research Transparency and technology on each product page via QR scan. Research Transparency is our way to show you the consumer, more clarity and quality science of the research of each product so you can make a better buying decision. Displayed using our technology via QR and registration number with each product certification and made available to all consumers to view. Clear precise research information gathered from studies around the world, delivered to you in an easy to find and read format. 

Your Product

Consumers’ confidence is increased when they know your product’s claims have been scientifically reviewed by STRONGSCIENCE® for efficacy and/or safety (Level 2), also available if your product does not make a claim (Level 1).

“Efficacy & Safety”

Efficacy* – noun, ef-fi-ca-cy: the power to produce a desired result or effect
Safety* – noun, safe-ty: the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss
*Merriam-Webster dictionary

The Hemp Trusted™ Seal

Hemp Trusted™ Certification is one that matters and one that will help your products stand out as trustworthy and reliable in an industry limited in scientific research and studies.


Patented Certification Process
Exclusive Efficacy & Safety Seal of Approval
Health Claims Certification
Structure/Functions Claims (Dietary Supplements)
Disease Claims (Homeopathics, OTC drugs)
Ingredient(s) Reviews & Assessments
Research Publications (Transparency of science OR Science Transparency?)
Certificate of Analysis / Quality Assurance
Hemp Derived Products
Proprietary Formula Protection
Regulatory Assistance
Use of Seal for Marketing
Low Cost Certification Process
Consumer Trust Seal and Confidence
Increase Brand Loyalty and Product Credibility
Increase Sales & Bottom Line
*We do not provide GMP certification services or manufacturing facility auditing.

All and more, for a lower cost to the product manufacturer. Use our unique seal of approval, whether you manufacture one product or thousands of different products. StrongScience is the premier efficacy and safety certification seal of approval (Patent and Certification Marks granted by USTPO).

Product Review & Certification Fees (Level 1 & Level 2):

  • Product Review fee
  • Per ingredient and multiple ingredients fees Per
  • Claim(s) Fees
  • Certification Mark per annum rates

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