Preparing to Certify Your Product(s)

Preparing ahead prior to entering your product information will save you time. Before you log-in to the portal for entering product information you should review and gather items below that apply to your product. When entering your information, please complete everything that applies to your product and ingredients. All fields must be completed. If the question does not apply to your product, please enter N/A.

You are not able to save information and come back to it later. All information must be entered in 1 session, which will take 20 minutes or less if you are prepared in advance.

We have provided a document filler for any uploads that may not apply to you. You can download the document below (Document Filler for Uploads). Please download this document to your desktop. If there are any uploads that you do not apply to you, you may upload this document as a space filler.

Gather the following information below prior to logging into our portal. If your product is new, please fill out the information that is applicable to your product at this time. 

You will be able to upload documents and images through the STRONGSCIENCE portal.

  • Images must be PNG & JPG format
  • Documents must be PDF or WORD format 

Preparation List:

Product Name

Active and inactive ingredients

  • Include amounts of active ingredients
  • Servings amounts
  • Dose amounts,
  • Percent of active & inactive ingredients calories, etc.

Product Details & Images

  • Overview of Product
  • Packaging
  • Product images
  • Nutrition labels
  • Research Papers/ publications, clinical trials/ White papers/ Patents


  • marketing claims
  • advertising (including examples images (png or jpeg format),
  • history of products
  • future study plans
  • adverse event
  • research protocol
  • other seals

Research – Include any documents and reference links

  • IP – Patent numbers
  • NDI information
  • NDIN – New Dietary Ingredient Notification
  • National Drug Code
  • GMP Certification (include number)
  • List of any other Seals
  • Other – Any product documentation including the history of the product, any adverse effects and future study plans.

If any of the fields do not apply to your product or ingredients, please enter N/A. If any of the requested uploads do not apply to your product, please click on the image link below and save to your downloads. Use this image for any uploads that may not apply to your product.  All fields and uploads must have something entered.